Verity" is the main protagonist of the book The Cat Mummy". Verity" is Latin for truth. She lives with her father and maternal grandparents.

Role in The Cat Mummy

"Honestly, Mabel! Why do you have to throw up right where I'm going to walk? You're disgusting!"
- Verity getting angry at Mabel for throwing up
Verity is a little girl who's mother died when she was born. Verity has three friends, Sophie, Laura and Aaron, and her enemy Moira, who all have pets. Verity doesn't seem to appreciate her old cat Mabel, and is always angry at her. One day Mabel is very sick and she is lost, and Verity is very upset and tries to find her. Verity finds Mabel in her dressing-gown, dead, and not bearing to bury her, she decides to wrap her up into a mummy, like she learned at school about the Egyptians. Another point, her teacher Miss Smith comes to her home to give her back her purse that had fell out. Verity had put Mabel the mummy into her wardrobe, and then Verity is scared because her clothes smell, so she has to wear a fairy frock. Her Gran tells Verity to change, but Verity tries to make excuses. Later Verity is in trouble with her Gran, and Gran tries to make Verity change, but then Gran discovers the Mabel mummy and goes cuckoo. Poor Verity is very upset, but her grandparents try to comfort her and her Grandad and Dad go to bury Mabel. Verity says goodbye to Mabel in tears.

Verity is a truthful and honest young girl, with small eyes and long straight brown hair. She dislikes the idea of her mum and Mabel being buried under the dirty earth. At the first part of the story Verity rarely got to see her dad but he now comes home earlier to be with Verity. Verity does not talk much about her mum to prevent her grandparents from crying.