Tina Maynard is the main character in The Butterfly Club.

She is a triplet, but is much smaller than her sisters Phil and Maddie. Her sisters look after her at school.



Tina is a seven year old girl, who has a weak heart which has resulted in her being small for her age, making her appear younger than she is. She has fair blonde hair cut in a short bob with a fringe, like her sisters.


During days she isn't in school, she is depicted as wearing a spotted shirt with jeans and occasionally dungarees. During school she wears a green sweatshirt with a a white shirt, a black skirt, knee high socks and black shoes.


Tina is a timid, shy, but sweet and caring girl. She often acts young for her age, and occasionally can appear quite whiny and babyish, but this is mainly due to her parents being extremely overly protective of her due to her weak heart. She later does become more independent, especially after she works on making a butterfly garden at school.

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