The Worst Thing About My Sister

Template:Book The Worst Thing About My Sister is a book by Jacqueline Wilson.


Marty (The protagonist) and her sister Melissa are like chalk and cheese. Marty is a tomboy, creative, animal mad and boistrous while her sister Melissa is girly, adolescent, a bit of a cry baby and makes out she's sophisticated. After Marty is forced to attend a dancing party hosted by her Alisha Evans wearing a blue frock made by her mother, Jan's business as a dress maker soars and she is given numerous job offers ranging from weddings to Christmas pantomines. However, she is disturbing Marty's dad while sewing and thinks it's unproffessional to have her clients fitted in her bedroom.

Jan decides to use Marty's room instead, forcing Marty to share with Melissa, much to their disgust. Their father eventually suggests using the front room- used for his failing travel business- instead. Marty and Melissa hate it when he cries, so they reluctantly agree to share together.

Most of Marty's room is then taken to the tip apart from her animals and bunk beds. While Marty states she only cried a little bit when her den was dismantled, apparently Melissa cries much worse when her bed is put in the shed.

There is much arguing when the shelves are built when Marty puts her special things- i.e; all of her animals and more- onto her shelf. Marty's dad eventually 'persuades' Marty that her animals want to stay in the cupboard, stating that Jumper wants a new kennel and Basil wants to lurk in the dark, 'slithering there himself'.

Marty enjoys tormenting her sister by suggesting that she's fat and uncoiling Basil to scare her.