The Suitcase Kid is a novel by Jacqueline Wilson published in 1992.

Andrea, known as Andy in the story, is a tall, awkward ten-year-old whose parents have recently divorced, much to her dismay,her dad wants her to live with him ,and on the other hand, her mum wants her to live with her! Her mother remarries Bill, who Andy takes a very strong dislike to, as well as his other three children (especially Katie,a girl her own age but is five days older). Her father remarries Carrie, whom has twins Zen and Crystal and is pregnant with  dad's new baby. Andy doesn't mind Carrie and her kids as much as Bill [ and HIS] , but she still wishes she could have her dad to herself.

Throughout the book, Andy wishes that her parents would get back together and move back into their little house called Mulberry Cottage. Andy loses focus at school, getting poorer results, and loses touch with her previous best friend, Aileen. As she becomes more and more isolated, she draws support from her spotted Sylvanian Families rabbit, Radish.

One day she finds a secret garden with mulberries growing in it, and she begins to go there after school. She accidentally drops Radish down a tree and can't get her out. Andy runs away in the middle of the night to get Radish. Her parents are distraught but soon find her. Andy insists that she must go and retrieve Radish, and they meet the owners of the garden, Mr and Mrs Peters, who soon befriend Andy, acting as grandparents,She makes new friends and they are friendly giving kind gifts.

By the end of the book, Andy has a best friend her step-siblings, (including Zoe, Carrie's new baby daughter) and accepted that her parents are not getting back together which upsets Andy but Andy doesnt mind because she has her best friend.