Stella Stebbings is a character in How to Survive Summer Camp.

She has short blonde hair due to an incident with a hairdresser, and is sometimes mistaken for a boy because of it. Stella is best friends with Marzipan, whom she met at Evergreen Summer Camp, and is somewhat tomboyish and rebellious, as well as having a love for writing her own stories. She has a fear and strong dislike of water and swimming because of an incident with her father in her childhood.


Stella is somewhat defiant of rules and dislikes being told what to do, especially when at the camp. She has a fear of swimming, induced by her father who threw her into a swimming pool when she was younger. She is also creative and caring, as shown by her love of writing her own stories. She also appears to eventually see the good side in all people she has spent time with.


Stella is forced to go to a Summer Camp whilst her mother and Uncle Bill are on their honeymoon together. There, she is placed in the team dubbed Emerald and shares her room with five other girls in her team.