Shirley Louise Smith (born April 20, 1929)[1] is a character in Wave Me Goodbye.

Before Wave Me Goodbye

Shirley was born in London.

Shirley was enrolled at Paradise Road Juniors, where she felt outcast as she had no friends. A student named Marilyn bullied Shirley, along with Marilyn's less dominating friend Mary.

Wave Me Goodbye

On September 1, 1939, Shirley wakes up to her mother rushing around, packing items into a suitcase. She discovers that she is to be evacuated to a village with her school, as war is to be declared in London, and it is unsafe for children to be living in London.


  1. The back cover has a picture of Shirley's label, saying her birthdate is April 20, and she is 10 in September 1939.