Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker is a character in the book Double Act. She is one of the two main characters.



Ruby has long dark brown hair that is usually worn in pigtails, fair skin and brown eyes. Later, in Double Act, Ruby cuts her hair off very short. In The Butterfly Club, it has regrown, and she wears it in pigtails once again.


Ruby wears matching clothes to her twin sister, Garnet. Later, in Double Act, she deliberately waits until Garnet is dressed, and sticks on totally different clothes. In The Butterfly Club, Ruby wears various outfits for her TV show.


Ruby is a boisterous character with a fierce temper and a tendency to get in trouble. She bosses her twin sister, Garnet around a lot but the latter still adores her. She usually speaks for her twin as well but her dad doesnt seem to realise this. She hates her dad's girlfriend despite her being kind to her and is angry when Garnet befriends her. She is quite impulsive and often doesn't bother to think about things, shown by cutting all her hair off so she doesn't look like her twin. She can be unforgiving but is ultimately a kind person.

She also appears in The Butterfly Club as a grown-up. Ruby is now an actress and her twin sister Garnet is the executive producer of her TV show Ruby Red.

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