Prudence "Prue" King is the main character of Love Lessons. She is the daughter of Bernard King and Mrs. King, and the big sister of Grace.


Prue is 14 years old, and tall for her age and thin, with thick curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is thought to be pretty by her sister, Grace, but Prue often wishes she was more like the other girls her age. She wears home made dresses, mainly a red checked one, which she hates as she thinks they're babyish at her age, and is actually glad when she finally gets the school uniform, which consists of a green sweatshirt, white shirt and green skirt and blazer.

While babysitting at Rax's house, she wore her school skirt with a black jumper, striped tights and her shoes painted with flowers. She also began experimenting with her paints, using them like makeup.