Opal Plumstead is a novel by Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a fourteen-year-old girl called Opal, who is close to her father, Ernest Plumstead, who works in a shipping office. He spends money on Opal, her sister Cassie, and her mother Lou. It turns out that Ernest had stole the money from his office, by writing a cheque. He is sent to prison and Opal has to work at The Fairyglen Sweet factory to earn money for her family. She meets a mean girl called Patty, who was incredibly mean to opal Plumstead. Cassie, opals older sister, tells lies about loving a man named Philip, when she was actually meeting a man called Daniel Evandale who is much older than Cassie, the first time she went to his house he was painting her portrait and said she had a beautiful figure. Opal goes to suffragette meetings with Mrs Roberts, the factory owner. She also befriends her son Morgan, who leaves for the first world war. He is shot by a sniper, and leads to Opal wanting to believe in ghosts.