Jodie gets to know the little ones at Melchester but after a scary story Pearl takes over. To prove there was no ghost (to the little ones) Jodie went up in the tower, which caused Mrs Wilberforce to be in a wheelchair, and while waving to the little ones she fell from the window, broke her neck, and died. After her parents have another baby but they are still sad about Jodie.


Jodie Wells - One of the main characters in the book and Pearl's role model. She is the oldest of two sisters Pearl and May and she is bad, bold and brash, but cares very much about Pearl. A freak accident happens on bonfire night near the end of the book.

Pearl Wells- The narrator and main character of the book. Her sisters are May and Jodie and Sharon and Joe are her parents and she loves to read. She is the good, shy, quiet sister, and looks up to Jodie.

Sharon and Joe - Pearl, Jodie and May's parents. They have got new jobs at Melchester College.

Zeph, Sakura and Dan - Three Juniors who were boarding at the school in the holidays. They all looked up to Jodie, then Pearl.

Harley - A big tall guy who also boarded at Melchester College in the holidays. Maybe Pearl's crush.

Mr and Mrs Wilberforce - Mr Wilberforce is the headmaster and helps out in the garden while Mrs Wilberforce has to stay at home in her wheelchair. She often gets shy visits from Pearl and they talk about books.

Jed - Melchester's gardener. Jodie fancies him and they hang out together and kiss but when Jed kills a badger, Jodie hates him and they don't speak. He later dates Tiffany Colgate.

Miss French and Old Shep - A jolly lady who owns a dog, Shep. Jodie takes Shep out on walks everyday in the holiday and gets him well trained.

Mrs Colgate and Tiffany Colgate - Two very plump cleaning ladies and they have a debate with Mrs Wells, Sharon. Tiffany Colgate later dates Jed, the gardener.

Harriet, Freya, Sheba and Clarissa - Pearl's friends at school. Pearl likes Harriet the best but Clarissa can get really mean about Jodie.

Anna, Sophia and Rebecca - three blonde girls who are Jodie's enemies and they laugh at her, calling her Ginger Minger. Their joke backfired when Jodie dyed her hair purple.

Mrs Lewin and Mr Michaels - Mrs Lewin is Pearl's teacher and adores Pearl while Mr Michaels has struggles with Jodie.

May Wells - Jodie and Pearl's sister, Sharon and Joe's youngest daughter. She was born in May, hence her name. When Pearl found a wrapper for a pregnancy test, she had thought it was Jodie's, but it was actually her mum's, and she was pregnant with May!

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