Template:InfoboxMelissa Michaels is a character in The Worst Thing About My Sister.

She is a girly girl, the exact opposite of her younger sister Marty. She has lots of friends, and invites them over for tea, but Marty messes her room up. She has to share with Marty, because their mother had to use Marty's room as a sewing room. Her favourite colour is pink.


Melissa has long, straight mouse-brown hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a baby-pink t-shirt, hot pink skirt and sandals.


Melissa is girly, a crybaby, and a complete pink girl. She is annoying to Marty, because of her domineering personality. Melissa is also mean and full of suspense, when she hides Marty's animals, Marty believing that Melissa had thrown them all out. This also caused Melissa's "doom", although Marty believed that Melissa had died falling off the bunk bed rails, but she just had a bad fall and was okay. In the book, Melissa is shown to be very annoying, mean, spoiled and gets what she wants when she turns on the waterworks, but she does have her good points, for example sympathizing with Marty when Katie, Ingrid and Alisha bully her, and not telling on Marty when Marty kicked the bunk bed rails and Melissa fell and passed out for a while, knowing Marty would get into very serious trouble.