Mandy White is the protagonist of the book Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson. She is shy, sweet, timid and gets bullied by Kim, Melanie and Sarah. But she befriends Tanya, who lives opposite to Mandy. She also becomes friends with Arthur King.



Mandy is fair skinned, and has long blonde hair tied in two plaits with green hair ties and blue eyes.


She usually wears a green cardigan with a bunny motif over a yellow t-shirt and blue skirt. On her feet she wears black shoes. She also wears round glasses.


Mandy is shy and timid, but is a sweet and kind girl. She perhaps does act a bit younger that she really is, but this is due to her parents, especially her mother, treating her as if she's six rather than ten. Mandy realises she looks babyish for her age, and frequently wishes she could be more like the other girls her age. Mandy is also very imaginative, creating her own character named Miranda Rainbow, and making up stories about her.


  • Mandy like collecting toy monkeys.
    • Her favourite is Olivia Orangutan.
  • Mandy's appearance reminds Tanya of her little sister Carmel.
  • Mandy is often mistaken for being younger than she is, due to her appearance.
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