Jayni is the main character in Lola Rose.


My real name isn't Lola Rose. I was born Jayni and I live with my little brother Kenny. My dad would hit my Mum and when he hit me, Mum, Kenny and I ran away with our winning lottery ticket. So much money let us buy stuff, like my pink trimmed fur denim jacket. We went to London and got a small house.

I went to a awesome school and my friend was so funny. Then my Mum got Jake. Her boyfriend. He was okay. Then Mum got cancer and we went and lived with Auntie Barbara. I named myself Lola Rose once we ran away because Mum told us to change our names. I then was called Lola Rose Luck with a little brother Kendall Luck.


  • Jayni's name is spelled in a weird way because she was named after both her mum and dad, because they said when she was born she brought them together again.