Lola Rose is a book written by Jacqueline Wilson in 2003.



When life at home becomes frightening, Jayni Fenton, her little brother Kenny and their mum Nikki escape to London, away from bullying and abusive father Jay. They choose new names to cover their tracks, and Jayni decides to become the glamorous, grown up sounding Lola Rose! But when mum falls ill, Lola Rose is forced to be more grown up than she really feels.


Jayni Fenton's mum, Nikki, wins £10,000 on a scratch card, and Jayni is scared for her to tell her father, Jay, knowing what he can be like. Nikki tells him anyway, and she gets the money put in it £5 notes to look more impressive. Jay is seemingly thrilled, and asks for money for a new car. They go out to celebrate Nikki's winnings, going to T.G.I. Friday's.

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