Template:InfoboxLily Green lives with her Mum and little half brother and sisters, but one night Lily suggests that her mum, Kate Green, should go out down "The Fox" for a drink because after her husband, Paul, died and she has been very mournful, but Lily didn't know that it would be the biggest mistake she could ever make.

Her mum did not come back till very late because she say's she's "drunk with love."

Her Mum has a dodgy credit card and Lily worries that her Mum will go to jail for having a stolen credit card and thinks she won't know the right pin number, but soon Lily worries that her she is spending too much money on things like tight tops and nail varnish for Pixie and Bliss.But soon gets something herself from a professional art shop.

Her Mum soon has disturbing news for Lily and the kids that she's going away on holiday with a 19 year old posh nob Gordon and that she will be gone for a whole week! But unfortunately Kate didn't fix it properly with Mikey, Bliss and Baxter's dad, so Lily and the kids are left alone. Lily decides that she can look after the kids herself, though she is a child.

Eventually Lily's teacher finds out that they are on there own so Lily, Bliss, Baxter and Pixie run away to the park and camp out in a hollow tree which Bliss found. In the early hours of the morning the kids are climbing while Lily is still asleep but finally Lily wakes up and Bliss is stuck up the tree and can't get down, and she falls. Eventually Bliss gets to hospital and has a blue cast on her leg and there Mum comes back and visits them . But Mum has to go for questioning about child neglect and the kids have to go into different care homes, which Lily goes to Stevie and get occastional visits from Mum.


Lily has shoulder-length dark-blonde hair in a side parting and blue eyes. She has pierced ears and wears a vest patterned with stars.

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