Katy Carr is the protagonist and titular character of the book Katy.



Katy is a daring, courageous eleven-year-old who is the eldest of six. Despite her confidence and sometimes bad decisions, Katy takes charge of her younger siblings; Clover, Elsie, Dorry, Jonnie and Phil. Katy is heartbroken after the loss of her mother when she was a toddler - her mother became very ill and passed away. Katy had to look after her younger sister Clover, who became strong friends. After her death, Katy's father remarried to a woman named Izzie, who had a bossy daughter, Elsie. Izzie and Alistair gave birth to twins - Dorian "Dorry" and Johanna "Jonnie". They later gave birth to a boy - Philip.

On the first day of the summer holidays before Katy joins secondary school - Springfield High School - Katy goes out to meet her crush, Ryan, at a skateboarding park, despite Izzie's objections. When Katy returns home, Izzie grounds her and disallows her from joining her siblings from swimming in the afternoon, leaving Katy home alone. When her family leaves, Katy gets a piece of rope and climbs a tree in the secret garden and attaches the rope as a swing. However, Katy does not tie the rope properly. She falls from the tree, breaking her spine and paralysing her from the waist-down.


Katy is energetic, bold, and lively.

Physical appearance

Katy is very tall for her age and thin. She has long, mouse, hair that she usually has in a high ponytail. For clothing, she generally wears a striped T-Shirt with denim jeans and trainers and her mothers watch.


Cecy Hall

Cecy is Katy's best friend. Katy and Cecy live next door to each other. After Katy's accident, Cecy becomes more distant from Katy, however, despite their differences, they stay best friends.

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