Jodie is a major character in My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson. She is the older sister of the narrator Pearl.



Jodie is 13 years old, and is tall for her age and slender. She has long straight hair that is naturally mouse, but she dyed it marmalade orange coloured with gold streaks. She wears it in a high ponytail and has a fringe she cut herself. She also has pierced ears, and has multiple piercings in her left ear, wearing small silver hoop earrings.

Jodie later dyed her hair black, but due to being dyed orange previously, it comes out purple. After this, their mum was furious when she saw, and forced Jodie to put her hair in plaits, as if an old fashioned style could counteract the purple.


Jodie's clothes are mostly as little-girly as Pearl's, mainly jeans with t shirts, but she does have some quite short skirts, and a pair of red high heeled shoes that she bought when given an allowance for school shoes, which she frequently wears. For school, while at Melchester College, she wore a white blouse, red and gold striped tie, a grey skirt and brown lace up shoes.


Jodie is the opposite to her younger sister, Pearl; she is bad, bold, brash, rebellious, loud and likes attention. She frequently annoys their mum, and cheeks a lot of the teachers at school. But she cares very much for Pearl, and has a soft spot for the younger pupils of the school.


  • Jodie used to sneak out of school with her friends Marie, Siobhan and Shanice, to smoke and get chips from the local fish and chip shop in town.
    • Jodie admitted to Pearl that she doesn't like smoking; it made her feel dizzy and sick, and thinks the school chips were better than the ones from the local fish and chip shop.
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