Jacqueline Wilson wiki is definitely not the strictest wiki in the wiki world, however, there has to be a baseline of rules, so here are some guidelines for ALL users to follow, whether you are a non-registered user, normal user, or admin.

If you see a user breaking any of these rules, please contact an admin as soon as possible.

Reasons for rules are included, as why have unnecessary rules?

If you find a loophole in these rules, congratulations, but proceed with caution.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Bullying other users

Bullying, or cyberbullying in this case, is a serious offence. Bullying any user, even once, will result in a ban (the time depends on the severity of the issue). If you are a victim of bullying, contact an admin immediately. If no admins are available, contact FANDOM staff here: Special:Contact

Note: FANDOM staff may take up to 48 hours to reply.

  • Cursing, swearing or other inappropriate remarks

Even if it happens just once, swearing will result in an infinite ban. It simply will not be tolerated, end of.

  • Vandalism

Vandalism has no purpose. It is just wasting other users time. Vandalism works on a 3-strike basis. If you are caught vandalising three times, you will be banned (the time depending on the severity of the vandalism). Your vandalism strike refreshes every 365/366 days. Please see below for the Vandalism Strike List.

Note: If you vandalise even once after your third strike is removed, you will get another year-long ban.

Please note that vandalism on your personal profile is fine.

  • Editing another user's profile

Unless you have permission to edit another user's profile, this will not be tolerated. Be ready for an admin to ask for proof. if another user has edited your profile without permission, please inform an admin.


Vandalism Strike List

If you do not feel comfortable being on this public list, please contact an admin, who will erase your name and put you on a private list.

    • Strike 1 - 11 June, 2018
    • Strike 2 - 29 July, 2018
  • 2A02:C7F:705A:AF00:24C6:7995:1838:3AAE
    • Strike 1 - 8 August, 2018
  • Blocked
    • Strike 1 - 14 August, 2018
    • Strike 2 - 14 August, 2018
    • Strike 3 - 14 August, 2018
      • To be unblocked - August 14, 2019
    • Strike 1 - 22 October, 2018
  • 2A02:C7D:CA9:6B00:298F:CED2:C2BD:7F14
    • Strike 1 - 1 February, 2019
    • Strike 1 - 7 February, 2019

Strike Archive

  • Shannon West
    • Strike 1 - 13 February, 2018
      • Removed - 13 February, 2019
    • Strike 1 - 29 May, 2018
    • Strike 2 - 29 May, 2018
      • Removed - 29 May, 2019
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