How to survive summer camp is a book by Jacqueline Wilson focusing on a 10 year old girl called Stella.

It starts with Stella saying almost all her hair was chopped off and she is going to summer camp during her parents honeymoon. When she arrives at Evergreen adventure holidays, she finds out it's worse than she thought...

Stella has been put in the Emerald dormitory. She meets the emerald girls, Snobby Louise, nasty Karen, friendly and kind bookworm Marzipan, lovely Janie and little shy Rosemary (first identified as little child). The next morning she has to swim (She doesn't want to because she isn't very good and goes in the beginners with Janie and Bilbo) and meets the emerald boys, pleasant Alan, annoying Bilbo, poet James and Richard. When the camp goes on a hike to Hampton Hill, Rosemary's toy donkey Dora falls into a cowpat and when Stella, Marzipan and Alan save it, Rosemary gets her voice! Throughout the book Stella does a variety of activities (And losing team points) and also makes her own magazine! Stella, Rosemary, Janie, Marzipan, Louise and Karen have a midnight feast, and Stella hears a wailing in the night. It's a baby fox cub which cut it's paw!

The story ends with Stella swimming six strokes, and becoming the sausage-eating champion of the camp by eating 7 sausages!