Grace is the younger sister of Prue, in the book Love Lessons. She is eleven years old.


Grace is short and chubby for her age, with mousy hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. She mainly wears her mums hand made dresses, her favourite being a pink one patterned with panda bears.


Grace acts quite babyish for her age to begin with, such as playing games with her jelly snake sweets and cute but babyish things such as her panda dress. However, this is due to never having been to school, so never having any friends her own age to mix with. When she went to Wentworth High School, she soon fit into settled into her new class and made friends very quickly with two girls in her class, nicknamed Iggy and Figgy.

Grace is also very kind and caring; she looks up to Prue, saying shes pretty and more clever than her, and felt bad that Prue hadn't made friends yet.