Gemma Jackson is the main character in Best Friends.

She is best friends with Alice and is devastated when she moves to Scotland. She is enemies with Biscuits when he tells where Gemma and Alice are when they run away.


Gemma is a tomboy, who enjoys riding bikes and pretend games. She is quite chatty and rough.


Gemma is a tomboy who likes to play rough and play with only boys. She also mostly plays with her best friend, Alice. Gemma has short brown hair that stands on end (in a mid-length brown plait in the 4 part series) and fair skin (though not as fair as dainty Alice’s). One day, Gemma finds out that Alice is hiding something from her and when she finds out she doesn't like it. She finds out that Alice is moving to Scotland. They both run away to avoid being separated and get caught by Biscuits, who tells his Gran and has her notify Gemma and Alice’s parents. Gemma gets the blame since she’s usually the one getting her and Alice into trouble with her mad ideas. From then on, Gemma despises Biscuits for “taking her best friend away”.

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