Flora 'Floss' Barnes is a character in Candyfloss.


Before Candyfloss

Floss lived in a flat above The Apple Café, the café that her dad owned, alongside her mum. However, her mum later met a man called Steve, and divorced her dad. Her mum and Steve had a baby, Tiger.

At some point, The Apple Café became Charlie's Café.


Flora, known as Floss is 11 years old, and is the main character in Candyfloss. She lives (on weekdays) with her mum, her stepdad Steve, and her toddler half-brother Tim (mainly known as Tiger). On weekends, and for the main part of the book, she lives with her dad, Charlie, above his Cafe, Harlie's Cafe (the C fell off). She also has an unrelated Auntie called Rose, who runs a candyfloss stall at the local fair.

She is in Mrs Horsefield's class. She used to sit second from the front, next to Rhiannon, but after they broke friends, she moved next to Susan, and the girls had to move their desk next to Mrs Horsefield's.

Floss is known as a positive girl, who likes to be nice to people. She is not very good at kicking up a fuss, and doesn't mind being bossed about. She has a habit of saying speeches in exactly 100 words, as this happens 6 times in the book. She is not very good at standing up to teasing at the start, but she has a bit of a temper at the end. She is a very supportive girl, and likes to help her dad in the cafe. She is not very good at maths, and says she's not particulary clever, but has a very creative imagination. She is very good at reading aloud, but she does get nervous when on her own. She is particulary fond of cats, and the film "The Railway Children".