Charlie's Café was the café that Floss's father, Charlie, used to run. He used to live in the flat above it.


The café began as The Apple Café, and was bought by Charlie with plans to sell things such as apple pies and apple chutney. The apple tree on the yard, however, had never grew apples, so this idea failed.

At some point, Charlie changed the name to Charlie's Café, naming it after himself. He began to sell chips and coffee instead. It initally did well, attracting customers regularly, but sadly the numbers started to fall when other cafés, such as Starbucks, opened nearby, and customers such as builders working nearby moved on. By the beginning of Candyfloss, it only had three regular customers.

Charlie soon struggled to pay bills, and sadly lost the café midway through Candyfloss. It then became a Starbucks too.