RainbowBubbles3 RainbowBubbles3 25 May 2019

Newsletter idea

Hey y'all

I am thinking that every season, I will create a Jacqueline Wilson wiki newsletter! I will possibly post the summer one on June 1. Keep your eyes peeled! (Sounds painful...)

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RainbowBubbles3 RainbowBubbles3 3 September 2018

Hi everyone! Let's get more editors!

Hello y'all, I'm an admin for this wiki!

At the moment, we're very low on editors. If you know anyone who likes Jacqueline Wilson, please invite them here!

Another wiki that we need help with is Tracy Beaker Wiki , a Jacqueline Wilson-themed wiki. Come along here as well!

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Jacqueline Wilson is cool

I love her she has soo much imagination it's unbelievable.

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This is sooo cool

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Amy-Mei Amy-Mei 12 June 2012

A Question for Tsuki...

Hi Tsuki (if your reading this, if not can somebody please go get them?)

So I want to ask you a quick question: So are you the current admin of Jacquline Wilson Wikia??

And here's another question: If you are, can I pretty please help out? PWEASE?

Thank you!


Jackie's No.1 Fan!!

PS: I sent Jacqueline Wilson a letter the other day when I went to go get my book signed. She still hasn't written back. :(

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