Beauty Mercedes Cookson is the main character in Cookie.


Before Cookie

Beauty was born to father Gerry, owner of Happy Homes, and mother Dilys 'Dilly'.


Beauty attends Lady Mary Mountbank school, but feels outcast as she has few friends. Skye, Emily and Arabella are in her class, tormenting and bullying Beauty. However, Skye's best friend Rhona takes a shine to Beauty, but feels threatened by Skye.



To begin with, Beauty is plain looking. She takes after her father in appearance; describing herself as short and squat. She has straight mouse-brown hair which her father makes her grow long, and is usually parted on one side and pinned in place with various barettes, as well as gooseberry green eyes and fair skin.

After her parents split, and she and her mother moved away, she gets a new, shorter haircut which is more flattering.


For school, Beauty wears the brown Lady Mary Mountbank school uniform. Out of school, she mainly wears jeans with long sleeved t shirts. For her birthday, she wore a grey Victorian themed dress with a White broderie anglaise apron, grey tights and grey boots with small heels. She also wears glasses.


Beauty is a timid, but caring girl. She is a bit tomboyish, preferring jeans and t-shirts over dresses. She loves animals, especially rabbits, which led to her being very upset when her rabbit, Birthday, was killed by a fox when her father deliberately left the hutch door open to let him escape.


  • She is cruelly nicknamed Ugly by Skye Wortley (Mainly), Emily Barrington and Arabella Clyde-Smith.
    • This is a pun on her name "Beauty", and also her plain appearance seemingly being ironic to it.
  • Her name "Beauty" was chosen by her father, Gerry. He thought she'd take after Dilys, her mother, and be a little blonde.
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